Dance moms super quiz

Are you a Dance mom, superfan?? Do you pay attention to minor details?? If you think very much so, take this quiz. Co me on, at least try and wing it!!

If you watch Dance Moms, take this quiz. Oh and if you get a great score, you earn bragging rights!! Take this quiz and go brag to your friends that you know more than they do!!

Created by: Taylor

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  1. Who made the song "Winner"?
  2. Who is the best tapper since the start of dance moms?
  3. how many seasons are there?
  4. Where was the first ALDC located??
  5. What season did chloe lukasiak leave??
  6. What moms are bffs??
  7. What did Nia recieve for x mas from Abby??
  8. What was a competition Abby continulously go to
  9. What was Mack z's dog named?
  10. What does the ALDC dance most??

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