Dance Days Part 1

Hey! I'm sorry it was so short! If you would like me to continue, I need for there to be at least 1 star and 5 comments! Thanks everyone! Love, Dancer

Hey! I'm sorry it was so short! If you would like me to continue, I need for there to be at least 1 star and 5 comments! Thanks everyone! Love, Dancer.

Created by: DanceDays

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  1. " And a one two three four five six seven eight! Leg up higher Juliet! Beautiful!" Ms.Dolly, the dance teacher said happily. That day she wore a black tshirt with leggings and ballet shoes. Her long blonde hair was pulled into a tight braid. Her blue eyes showed her happiness. Anyone could see that! Juliet wore a light blue dance bra and skinny bright green dance shorts. Her long brown hair was put in a long ponytail. Her green eyes shined brightly. Sidney stood beside her, wearing a hot pink dance bra with flowers on it. She had rainbow dance shorts with flowers. She had her short brown hair pulled back. Her deep brown eyes shone. And last, Lizzy. She wore a dark blue dance bra with the same color dance shorts. She had her red hair in a ponytail. She has freckles, and her hazel eyes always showed how happy she was. The three were the Three Musketeers, which was their team name. Out of class, they were still the Three Musketeers, always together and having fun. All of them are 11, and the best dancers around. You could tell by their super skinny legs and graceful moves. Everyone was friends with them, and some of them always wished they were them. Of course, people tried to be like them. They were, of course, the best dancers in California!
  2. That day was a beautiful Friday, and they were practicing for their dance competion that was on the next day. " And back handspring! Wonderful girls! Only one more hour to go!" Ms.Dolly said happily. Ms. Dolly was always cheerful when it came to danceing. Upstairs, the three mothers were talking about the competion. " I cant belive were going to New York!" Mrs. Lone, Sidney's mother said. She had her black hair pulled into a bun, which made her brown eyes stand out. " I cant wait!" Mrs.Take, Juliet's mother agreed. She had her brown hair tucked behind her ears. She has stunning green eyes. " Yeah" Mrs.Cook, Lizzys mother said. She was the quit one out of the group, with short red hair and pretty hazel eyes. Back downstairs, the song Dinamite blasted on since that was the song they were doing.
  3. They did flops and turns to the music, then rehearsal was over. " Nice work girls! See you on the plane tommorow @ 9 am sharp!" Ms. Dolly said. She handed each of the girls 20.00$. " A little spending money for New York" she said smiling. " Thank you!" They said in chorus happily and hugged her. They then picked up their dance bags and left.
  4. " Were in New York!" Sidney, Juliet, and Lizzy said happily. They stood outside of the airport looking at the beautiful city.
  5. " We have an hour to kill before we have to go to the dance thing, so lets go to our hotel room!" Ms.Dolly said as she hailed a cab.
  6. They checked into their hotel room and took a cab to the competion. When they arrived, they watched backstage as other groups danced.
  7. It was time for their turn. They skipped onto the stage. Music started. They began to dance.
  8. They got near the end of the song. They did their backhand springs. But Sidney slipped and fell, right on her ankle
  9. Cliffhanger!
  10. Sorry it was short! 5 comments and 1 star to continue!

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