Dance Moms Trivia

Now we all know wht Dance Moms is right? This hit show is about the Abby Lee Dance Company and their Dance Moms! Their children are amazing dancers but their moms are definetely CRAZY!

Take this Dance Moms quiz and you'll see if you are a true Dance Moms genius! We all know everybody wants to be a Dance Moms Genius! Keep watching Dannce Moms!

Created by: DanceMomsLuver

  1. In season 1, we were intoduced to Vivi-Anne, what is her Mom's name?
  2. In Season 2, who does Cathy call nose?
  3. Who is know as the best dancer in the group and is mostly undefeated?
  4. Brooke wanted to quit dance for what sport/ activity?
  5. Who preformed the lead in " It's Like Summer Music Video"?
  6. What is Cathy's dance studio called?
  7. What mom is a school teacher?
  8. What was Nia's favorite dance move called?
  9. Whose birthday was it when the moms went to get botox?
  10. Who is the youngest dancer besides Vivi?

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