Can You Be A Dancer For The Abby Lee Dance Company?

Have you ever wondered if you could dance for Abby Lee Miller at her dance studio? Well stop wondering your little tooshy off and take this quiz! I dare ya'!

Everyone knows about the hit T. V. Show on Lifetime called Dance Moms. And most people out there are dancers. So take this quiz... Please? I'm desperate.

Created by: Mackenzie
  1. Who called Christi "Discoball"?
  2. What is Nia's favorite dance move?
  3. Who is the youngest dancer of the Abby Lee Dance Company?
  4. Who is the oldest dancer of the Abby Lee Dance Company?
  5. Who just recently joined the competition team?
  6. Who was Brooke's dance partner?
  7. Why did Brooke leave the competition team?
  8. Which state and city does Abby run her dance studio?
  9. Who played the bully role in one of the group routines?
  10. Who is "the cream of the crop"?
  11. Who is the "1st runner-up"?

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Quiz topic: Can I Be A Dancer For The Abby Lee Dance Company?