Creepypasta love story Chapter 1

Recap: Your the Psyko and Slendy took you away! Enjoy this quiz or I'll make sure my proxies kill you! Kidding couldn't do that could I? Well Enjoy!!>

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Created by: PeculiarGirl1

  1. You shot up gasping for breath. "Who knew I still would've liked pain after this" you muttered looking around at a new room. You looked down at your blood stained clothes. "Oh....yeah!" you laughed holding your head. The door creaked open and a head popped in.
  2. The figure had white leathery skin no eyelids and burnt hair. But that didn't grab your attention it was caught by his slit mouth to form a forever smile. You tilted your head in curiosity. He tried to wink back but ofcourse with the lack of eyelids he made a fool of himslef. You giggled.
  3. He smiled. Then the tall figure came in. The voice rang in your head. "Jeff leave the guest alone she's probably confused." You stared up and realised he was actually talking. "It has a name you know" you muttered. It looked down on you. "I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself." Its voice was soft but raspy like a person trying to shout and whisper at the same time. "I am the Slenderman. Would you like to meet the others" "Sure slendy but one question first. I've studied your attacks. Want to give me a reason why you didn't you kill me?" He bent down. "You are special Penelope" "Aww thanks but I prefer the name Psko" you said beaming. "Psyko it is" you jumped out of bed and followed Slenderman to what seems to be a loung room.
  4. "Everyone this is Psyko" said Slenderman. Every person turned there head in your direction. "This is Masky and Hoodie" two males with masks on their face lifted their hands up. "So whitey is maskey blackey is hoodie?" they nodded. "Sally" a small girl smiled. She looked almost normal besides the blood. "Hi" you said. "Can you play with me?" "After I meet everyone" she laughed. "You have already met Jeff" the boy you saw before raised his hand and smiled. You tried to wink but ended up laughing. "Jack" The dude in the blue mask lifted his mask up and smiled. "Toby" "HIYA!" He said jumping up. "I like you already!" he turned red. "and...wheres Ben?" A small figure jumped out of the computer screen. "Sor-Well Hello there hotstufff" he said winking at you. "Horny much Zelda?" Jeff sn-----ed.
  5. After you said hi to everyone Sally dragged you away to her room. "This is Mr Fluffy and Mrs Cat and..." she dragged on witht the name of your toys. It was actually fun to play with Sally then there was a knock at the door."Hello?" Sally asked. Then the door opened. "Hi Jeff!" Sally shouted and ran to hug him. "and what are you playing today princess Sally?" she giggled and dragged him to sit next to you.
  6. "Prince Jeff this is Princess Psyko" Sally squeaked. "How'd you do?" He asked you laughed. You played tea party for 3hrs not knowing how long then something uncomfortable happened. "Now the Princess and Prince has to kiss!" "W-what?" you said wide eyed. Jeff was smiling. You glared at him and his smile went away. "Kiss!Kiss!Kiss!" "Ugh Fine!" you grabbed Jeff and kissed him.
  7. You pulled back Sally was clapping. "Jeff! Sally!Psyko! Dinner!" Slenderman called. "I swear if any of you talk about this I'll happily murder you!" they smiled and nodded. You laughed and skipped out of the room.
  8. The slenderman made spaghetti bolgnaise but Jack was eating kidney's. "So jacky boy why you eat the organs?" You said eyeing him down. "They help me see" "You have no eyes or am I crazy and this is actually all in my head?" You said. "Phillip this is soo unfair!" you sulked. "Who's Phillip?" "Voice in my head. He makes me do things that people think are insane!" You laughed. Jack smirked.
  9. The end
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