Love at Creepy Pasta (your introduction)

Sooooo I've been wanting to do this quiz for a long long long time! So your name is Penelope and like all creepypasta's you went insane you called....

yourself the Psyko (lol to lazy to spell it properly) any who enjoy or not I cant brain wash you...or can I? just kidding don't worry I'm not creep...

Created by: PeculiarGirl1
  1. This is a girl only quiz so boys turn around now! or stay depends who or what you like
  2. You are 16 year old who has depression (very depressing) but is also insane. Is it a smart idea to leave you alone?
  3. "Hi Sally, yeah mum and dad aren't home....I know where I live....yes I've locked the door and the electricity is out....I promise I'll call the cops If I see anything sound like my mum. Bye" you sighed. You walke dover to the radio. "Breaking new's Mary and Henry Wotts has been killed in the recent Jeff the Killer attacks..." You switched it off and went to the basement
  4. There was a map that you pinpoint who have been killed. "2 to go" you sighed. Then there was deafening voice in your head. "OPEN THE DOOR" It was scratching your brain you ran to your room holding your head and got your camera out, and focused it out of the window. Nothing. "f--- I'm going crazy" you said laughing. You don't know what was going on you went and unlocked all the doors and windows. You got needle and thread and sewed a smile into your face.
  5. You burned your eyelids still laughing. Not wincing in the pain. You grabbed hair die. You once beautiful brown hair was pink and in messy pigtails. You got into white singlet and black skirt. You wiped the blood on your shirt laughing.
  6. You got your camera out and tied it around your neck. You grabbed your fathers metal bat and waited for their return. You wanted to see them beg for mercy as you ripped out their organs and take pictures.
  7. Fast forward: They were dead the pictures in your camera the last thing they heard was "Smile for the Psyko." you were humming to yourself when you felt like you were being watched. You turned around and there was a group of people in the street. You laughed, and snuck outside" There on the street were the people that brought you to success.
  8. "Come with us a place where you belong" none of their mouths moved. It was this thing standing two meters in the eye. No eyes, no nose and no mouth. A voice in your head told you to take his hand and you smiled.
  9. Best introduction ever or what?
  10. bye

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Quiz topic: Love at Creepy Pasta (my introduction)