How well do you know Creepypasta?

Most people wouldn't be able to solve this quiz with 100% or even 80% But some can. But the real question is. Can you? Most people have no idea what creepy-pasta are!

How well do YOU know creepy-pasta? Do you know the amazing creatures and killers by heart? or just a few little words? Maybe your like me and know every single word?

Created by: JamieLyraCoffin
  1. What does Jeff The Killer say?
  2. What does one of Slenderman's pages say? (Hint: he has no eyes!)
  3. What does Dr. Smiley say? Don't worry if you get it wrong... it's kinda tricky
  4. What does Helen/Bloody Painter say? (Hint: go look at what Lucy or whatever her name was told Maddie or whatever her name was in his story on Wattpad)
  5. What does Sally W. say? (she wants to play)
  6. what does Laughing Jack say (i spelled it wrong once on another question XD)(Hint: HE HAS EYES!)
  7. What does Mr. Widemouth say? (Him and sally have the same hint!)
  8. (a little switch up!) Who wants you to know his secret?(Hint: HIS)
  9. Emma The ____
  10. What is Sally's last name?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Creepypasta?