How well you know your creepypasta

This is just a quiz that i made bc i was bored. sooooooooooooo hope u enjoy it! toby: hey lily hey lily hey lily! me:whaat. Toby: hi me: for god sake GO AWAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY- thank you...anyway this quiz you dont have to do you can do it for fun. Oh if you have instagram then add these following accounts @xma.skyx @xxho.odiexx @ticcitoby_tt @obsessed._.with._.kidneys@ben._.jeff

Toby: im the best proxy! Hoodie: no your not Me: i actually agree with hoodie. anyway the quiz is about the creepypasta's lives and what they've been through.

Created by: BennyBoiDrowned

  1. Which one of them isn't a creepypasta?
  2. How did EJ die
  3. Whats Ben Drowned's full name
  4. Who does Ticci Toby annoy the most. Toby: that easy me:*covers his mouth* that's for the viewers to find out!!!Toby: sowwy ;-;
  5. What age did Eyeless jack die?
  6. When is Ticci Toby's birthday
  7. Who Does Ben Drowned Have A Crush On?
  8. Who is Jeff The Killer's Rival
  9. What Is Slendermans catch phrase
  10. when did sally die
  11. (this is a question for fun) guess my favourite creepy pastas

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Quiz topic: How well you know my creepypasta