Crazy situations: what would you do?

This is a simple quiz that puts you in some crazy situations where you have to choose from 4 possible outcomes. Your final result will determine which of the 4 people you really are.

Now let's get into it! These questions might be hard to answer and each answer affects your final result so choose wisely. Now let's get this quiz going!

Created by: AdamØlsen
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. A homeless person asks you for money, you:
  2. You see someone getting robbed, you:
  3. An old lady/man is trying to cross the road, you:
  4. If you see a stray dog you:
  5. You are swimming in the sea when you look behind you and see a massive great white shark, you:
  6. A crazy guy runs at you whilst holding a banana and screaming " for the glory of the dark lord"
  7. You're in the deep alone in the woods, late at night when you hear something running towards you, you turn around and just make out the outline of a humaniod creature
  8. You're bought tickets to a magic show and the magician calls you up to the stage so you can participate in the "stand in a cupboard and get impaled with swords trick, you:
  9. you are kidnapped and sedated, you wake up and find yourself naked, in the middle of a desert, you:
  10. Now we are at the end, what do you think your result will be?:

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