Cowgurls Heart (lovestory)

This story is based on what i know about horses and about how guys are all different. i got some ideas from other peoples quizes (only my friends) i hope thats all right.

I made the mistake of putting Taylor instead of tyanner on the final results just letting u know.This is my First quiz plz tell me what u think and if i should keep going thx bye!

Created by: Sia
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  1. Your walking to your friends stable to go riding when you see for guys watching you. Which one catches your eye?
  2. Yor give them your sexiest smile and walk into the stable,grab yor tack and head into your horses stall. Which describes your horse?
  3. Your riding in a nice open grassland when you enter a new forest.What are you thinking?
  4. All of a suddun your horse rears up and a cougar jumps out of a tree!! What happens?
  5. if u choose #1 your horse throws you and you land on a rock and black out #3-u run and trip on your own to feet and black out Anyways u wake up to a tired looking Seth sitting beside you on a large bed. He yells "guys shes awake? then u ask What are you thinking?
  6. They all start to explain at once but then everything goees black
  7. when you fially wake up and wander down the stairs u see its morning and Tanner made your favorite breakfast
  8. you walk into the kitchen and Tanner says mornin sleepy head then u ask where are the others? he replied "when to check on our little herd of cattle"
  9. off to make part 2 plz tell me wat u think of my story because its my first so who are u starting to like
  10. well off to make the next part wish me luck

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