Could you beat me in Runescape?

Many people play runescape, many people could beat me in a fight and many people cannot, Take tis quiz to find out wheather you could beat me or not. I hope that you will enjoy my quiz. Have fun taking my quiz.

If you want to fight me you can add me to you friend list and challenge me to a duel, I am orangefox33. I'll gladly accept any new challengers. I truely hope that you do challenge me to a duel in the duel arena.

Created by: Goober

  1. What level are you?
  2. What type of combat do you use?
  3. What wepon do you use?
  4. What kind of wpon/arrows/bolts do you have?
  5. What kind of armor do you have? Sorry I do not know much about leather.
  6. Do you often use prayer
  7. what is your attack level
  8. what is your strength level?
  9. what is your defense level?
  10. do you ever get callled a noob
  11. how many quest points do you have?

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