Could YOU beat Dr. Phil?

Can you defeat Dr. Phil Mcgraw in wrestling? Find out here! if your last name is Leonard and your first name is Zach, then you automatically eat his family and win.

Are you going to defeat Dr. Phil? Find out and see if you could defeat the bald wonder. I'm surprised if you dont! BEAT HIM UP MOFO! If you are Chuck Norris or just a wimpy kid that writes in a diary, or even a STAR WARS GEEK see if you could defeat Dr. Phil!

Created by: amazon of myspace
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  1. Do you know at least 2 lines to the song "Billie Jean?"
  2. Have you ever watched Dr. Phil?
  3. Could you beat Chuck Norris in arm wrestling?
  4. Who wins, Bruce Lee or Chuck Norris
  5. Do you enjoy Green Day?
  6. Do you own a MAC-10?
  7. Which do you prefer, Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Phil, or Regis Philbin?
  8. Which is better?
  9. Do you live within a 10 mile range of a Military Camp, Prison Facility, Police Station, or any other kind of armored fortress (Steel plated house, etc.)
  10. Do you run track or participate in any sports?
  11. Is Dr. Phil-
  12. Do you have "Buns of Steel"
  13. Are you related to anybody with the last name "Haslam".... no offense Austin, Tyler, you take the blame >:(

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