How dumb are you?

I am not responsible for any crying this quiz may make you do. so you must take this quiz to see if you cry is just that intense! you cant beat the computer or lap top! ha ha!

you've got to have super powers to win this quiz. i can win it because i made it so you cant win only me!you cant beat me i rule! the computer beat you haha!

Created by: bubbles

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  1. What is my dogs name?
  2. what is 1+1
  3. do i have a bestfriend?
  4. do i have a best friend?
  5. What is my fav black eyed peas song?
  6. do i like to swim?
  7. do i like potatos?
  8. Whats my fav animal?
  9. can see me?
  10. how dumb are you?

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Quiz topic: How dumb am I?