Could you be The Doctor's Companion?

All of us fangirl whovians have wondered if we could ever make it into the Tardis. So, I made a quiz so we could find out! I tried to balance everything, but you are probably gonna end up dying. UNLESS, just this once, everybody lives!

If you arent happy about it, feel free to whine, rate badly, die in a hole, etc. I honestly dont care. Im actually taking suggestions for my next quiz, so throw some at me. Rating, as always is appreciated.

Created by: LullabyofNight
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  1. How clever are you?
  2. Thoughts on Genocide?
  3. ROLEPLAY TIME! You are riding on the bus for some purpose, when it stops. You step outside to see why and end up staring at a Dalek's eyestalk.
  4. The Dalek screams "EXTERMINATE" and you face what might have been your final moments, ifa strange man hadnt suddenly appeared. He grabs your hand and whispers, "Run." He then proceeds to point something at a crane beside the dalek, causing it to drop its wrecking ball on the alien.
  5. The two of you run until you reach a nearby corner with a police box that funnily you hadnt seen their before. You slow down and he steps in the box. Seemingly as an afterthough, he steps back out and sats, "Im sorry! I dont believe I introduced myself! Im The Doctor."
  6. ROLEPLAY OVER. The doctor asked you to go with him.
  7. The Doctor or your family?
  8. Favorite event in History?
  9. Marry one, screw one, kill one.
  10. Fav Regeneration? (no effect)
  11. Possibly Rate?

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