Could You Be My Best Friend?

Hey guys, It's Emily! Let's see if you could be my best friend! Answer these easy, fun questions to find out! I made twelve questions total for you guys!

I hope you guys enjoy this quiz I made. It took a very long time! The results you can get is: BFF, friend, or mortal enemy! Let's find out............

Created by: Emily
  1. Hello guys! First question: Are you a dreamer?
  2. Are you a neat person?
  3. Do you seek adventure?
  4. How fast of a runner are you?
  5. Would you join a book club?
  6. Do you know who Alexandra Marie Bailey is?
  7. Would you go into a forest late at night, when it was all dark, and your only source of light was the full moon?
  8. What is your Hogwarts House?
  9. What is your worst fear out of the following?
  10. Honestly, how nice of a person do you think you are?
  11. Which of the following word group describes you the most?
  12. Last question! Are you an introvert, ambivert, extrovert, or shy?

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