Are You A Psychopath?/quiz

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This Quiz is made for you to understand your true dark self or if you're just a basic chic.I think that you guys will like his crazy quiz that a bored psychopath made.

Hope You Enjoy the quiz because my friend who is by the way obsessed with BTS went through a lot of anger trying to perfect it for you guys! This is our fist home-made quiz so don't go to hard

Created by: Isabella Elizabeth

  1. How Many Times Do You Cry on A Daily Basis?
  2. Are You Lonely?
  3. Have You Killed Anything?
  4. Do You Want To Physically Hurt Other People?
  5. What Is Your Biggest Fear?
  6. What Do You Want Your Result To Be?
  7. What Is Your Favourite Colour?
  8. Why Did You Take This Quiz?
  9. How Old Are You?
  10. Do You Suffer From Depression?

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