Could You Be Mario?

Do you know Mario? Well do you? He is the savoir of mushroom kingdom. He can rescue princess Peach from Bowser and Bowser jr. He is determined and always beats Bowser.

But could you be Mario? Well could you? Find out in this quiz. I bet you didn't know if you could be Mario until now. In a few short minutes you will see if you could be him!

Created by: roan

  1. Are you scared of ghosts?
  2. Are you tall?
  3. Do you like Peach?
  4. Would you risk your life for Peach?
  5. Would you ride Yoshi?
  6. Do you like Bowser?
  7. Do you like wearing overalls?
  8. Would you trade Peach for 100,000 if you were Mario?
  9. Do you like king boo?
  10. Would you mind being shorter then Luigi?

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