Could you be harpusrox7?

This quiz will tell you of you could be harpusrox7. That's ME! :D So do you think we are very alike? Well take this quiz! Are you ready to find out? Are you?

Please take this quiz! I want to level up! I'm almost an experienced :) Why do we have to type this? It's annoying! I'm almost done! When will I be done? When? Ok I am now :)

Created by: harpusrox7

  1. What is your lucky number?
  2. Do you use emotions when you post? Ex- "I made a new quiz :D" or "I'm sorry about that :/"
  3. Are you annoying?
  4. Are you very commited to leveling up on gtq?
  5. Are you on gtq alot?
  6. How many friends do you have in real life?
  7. How many friends do you have total? (including ones on gtq)
  8. Do you make alot of quizzes?
  9. Are you curious about what people think of you, etc?
  10. Do you love it when people take your gtq quizzes?

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