What good luck charlie character are you?

Hello!welcome to my quiz which good luck charlie character are you.I hope you enjoy it i also hope you comment,rate and advertise your quizzes.I hope you get your favorite character!I just want to thank you people who rated highly and commented on my other quiz which phineas and ferb character are you madid and harpusrox7 especially!

Anyway on this quiz you can either get charlie the adorable,teddy the smarty pants,pj the stupiditty,or gabe the trouble.I really hope you enjoy it!please try out my other quiz which phineas and ferb character are you thank if you actually read this.Because some people donnt really read this stuff.

Created by: pie11 of gotoquiz.com
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  1. Are you blonde or brunnett
  2. What would you rather do?
  3. favorite color
  4. favorite color
  5. What are you known as
  6. Shoe sale!
  7. oh here's your blankie!
  8. the gurgles are on
  9. i got tickets to a basketball game
  10. you can advertise your quizzes if you want to!
  11. bye

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Quiz topic: What good luck charlie character am I?