Could you be an actress?

So this is actually a kind of goofy quiz, but if you like RPing on quiz's, take the time just to see what your result is. Who knows, you may have hidden talents!

I am a terrible speller (is that even a word?) so please excuse that. Also, please don't write inappropriate things in the comments. Thank you, and enjoy!

Created by: gfh012
  1. Ok, first. . . you put in an application to work in _________ the new film coming out, you:
  2. You hear your favorite actor/actress is going to be working with you on the film, you:
  3. He/She shows up, and you/you:
  4. Ok, say your favorite actor/actress is a guy, you have to do a kissing scene. . . what do you do?
  5. So to the other side, you're favorite actor/actress is playing the villain, you are told have to "hit" and then "kill" him/her. you say/do:
  6. after filming, your favorite actor/actress asks if, "you want to go to dinner" You
  7. It's the final day of shooting, you spend your spare time:
  8. You are packing, you get a call from the cast, saying they're having a party. you say:
  9. You get home, you feel:
  10. A year later, you get a call, they're doing a sequel! They want you back. Your response to this:
  11. final question! do you wish all of this could happen to you?

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