What kind of actress/celebrity would you be? (Girls)

Hollywood. Yes when you first hear that you think: Movies, Celebrities, right? Thought so. Although we have out beloved singers, we also have our actors and actresses. Many actresses are different, but if you were one - do you ever wonder what type you would be?

Take this quiz to find out if you party all night or keep stuff to yourself - are you focused or dazed? You may wonder what you'd be like if you were an actress.

Created by: BroadwayPaws
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  1. When you are at school, what do people think/say of you?
  2. You get to go to a party with your friends, but what kind of party?
  3. When you go to a theme park, what kind of rides do you go on?
  4. Have you ever been kissed before?
  5. At school...what was/is your favorite lesson?
  6. What place would you spend the day at?:
  7. As the great actress you are, You are invited to a fashion show...what do you wear.
  8. An interviewer asks you a very personal question, you don't like you:
  9. What city would you like to visit?
  10. FINAL QUESTION: A nasty rumor is going round that you are cheating on your spouse/boyfriend/whatever. You:

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