Cooking With Children!

There are many people who know how to cook, but do you really know how to cook well? Learn some basic techniques and things to do with children in the kitchen. Cooking can be fun!

Find out if you know how to incorporate children in the kitchen. Learn how to cook and get some great tips for cooking. It should be a lot of fun. Take it from someone who won a cooking contest.

Created by: Laura
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  1. What does to bake mean?
  2. An egg beater is a type of what?
  3. You can learn many things from cooking except...?
  4. An easy Italian pasta like food is called...
  5. What do you get when you put three ducks in a box?
  6. Learning how to make cookings, pie crust and washing leafy greens are all...?
  7. One thing that it not good for a child in the kitchen is...?
  8. Children can help by going to the grocery store with a parent.
  9. Children cannot help plan a meal
  10. To cut into irregular pieces is:

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