Confirmation Class Quiz

Here at Saint Mary's in Milford, there are many people who know so much. But many of us have much yet to learn. See if you can evidence that you are one of these two types of people.

Try this quiz, and see if you measure up to where a tenth grader should be in understanding. No one sees the results but you, so this is just for you. Good luck.

Created by: Harold Hoffman

  1. How many Sacraments does the Catholic Church recognize?
  2. Who is the leader of the Roman Catholic Church?
  3. Who is the bishop who leads us in Milford?
  4. If you are not Confirmed, you cannot get married in the Catholic Church.
  5. Catholics believe that the bread and wine, when consecrated, are transformed into what?
  6. The Catholic Church requires that all priests be unmarried.
  7. When asked to describe himself, Pope Francis said:
  8. How many ways does the Church offer to forgive sins?
  9. What is the name of Father Donahue's dog?
  10. The best reason for me to be Confirmed is:
  11. My last year in Confirmation class, I hope to learn:

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