This quiz is designed to help you get started in the Confirmation program at Saint Mary Parish. There will be a quiz like this to start each class, and you never have to study for it.

Your answers are always just for you, they do not get reported or recorded. Come to class each month with and open heart and mind, and good things will happen.

Created by: Deacon John
  1. I am here tonight mainly because:
  2. I cannot be a Catholic if I do not get Confirmed.
  3. If I want to be Confirmed, I must have:
  4. If I cannot attend a class, then I must:
  5. When I think about Jesus, I know that:
  6. The most important part of each Confirmation Class is:
  7. If I never go to mass, but want to be Confirmed:
  8. I have to learn so much to be Confirmed because:
  9. Having class once a month until May seems:
  10. If I am at Saint Mary Parish, and someone says, "There goes Bruce", I know that it is:

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