Confessions Part 4

So this is part 4:D every1 says that I'm rlly fast writing the quizzes and its because its winter break and I have nothing to do cause all my friends r gone D:

Bored bored bored I'm listing to hangover by tio cruz...listing to the radio 107.5 fm. My fave station. It only plays hip hop and r&b...dooodddoooodd

Created by: tiggerluvsya3315

  1. Recap: you saw a pic of you and you saw.....
  2. It had a heart around you!!! You stare and Colton comes in. He sees you with the yearbook. "Colton I -I I'm sorry but..." he cuts you off. He puts the food on the desk and he grabs the yearbook and throws it on the bed and bends down and kisses you. Right smack there.
  3. He stops and looks at you "Kaitlyn I'm sorry. I'm the one who sent you the note. I really like you." You smile and go on your tipi toes and he bends down and kisses you agian this time more passionatly. You make out. And you he stops cause he heard your stomach growl. You two laugh and he brings you food. "You know your a really good kisser! You kiss really good." He says. You giggle and you finish eating. You two talk and Mrs.Brown gives you a sleeping bag. "I'm sure you won't need this. You will probably be sleeping in Coltons bed with him. I mean your the first girl he brought home and I assume you guys are dating right?" She says. "Moooooommmm stop your so embarrassing!!!!" He says. You laugh. "Ok well we are going to bed so goodnight son and goodnight Kaitlyn!!!" "Goodnight Mrs.Brown I mean Debra." "Night mom" she leaves you you sit on the sleeping bag. "You know you should come with me to football practice tomarrow.." he says. "I should but you would have to drive me home to change.." "deal"
  4. You lay down on the sleeping bag. He turns off the lights and he says "goodnight beautiful!" You smile "goodnight!" You start to shiver. Someone turned on the AC. You shiver and you feel Colton puts his hand around your wastel you turn around you put your head on his chest. He kisses your head and you slowly fall asleep...........
  5. The next morning. You wake up in Coltons arm. You didn't want to disturb him so you try to get out of his arm and you succed. You walk out and you try to find the bathroom. "So you diside to leave me hunh? I see how it is." You turn around and Coltons there smiling down at you. "I didn't want to wake you so I'm trying to find the bathroom." "Oh its well right next to my room." "Oh I'm stupid." "And beautiful. You smile and you go back and you go to the bathroom. You change and you go in the bedroom. Coltons wearing his jersey. "Ready?" "Ya." You two go in his BMW and he drives to your house. You run inside. You quickly change into......
  6. You put your hair in a high pony and you run out the door and into the car. "You look beautiful." He says. "Thanks. You look hot." You say. He smiles and he drives to school. Not for school its saterday and its football practice.
  7. You get to school and he puts his arm around you but this time for real. You cuddle next to him and you walk to the field. All the boys are like "what! Why do you get the hottie?!?!" Colton laughs and says "because she acculy likes me." You go on your tipi toes and he bends down and kisses you and you go sit on bleachers. You watch him play. Its cold outside and your glad your not wearing what you wore lastnight. After pratice,he drives you home. You get to your house. "So comin up is homecoming and so do you want togowithmetohomecomingpleaseohpleasewithcherryontop??" You laugh and say "yes" and you kiss him.
  8. ***THURSDAY*** you wake up and put on skinny jeans with a whit noodle strap with your favorite NFL team hoodie with black hightops. You straiten your hair and wear makeup. You grab a apple and head out the door with your bag. Your so exicted to see Colton. You walk to school and you see that Coltons here and so is Angelica. You probably woke up late. Everyone knows your dating Colton so your preety much popular. You walk in the doors and see......
  9. You see a girl kiss Colton!!!! He stops and looks over and sees you. "No Kaitlyn its not what it looks like.." "NOT what it looks like??? I see you perfecly kiss her! How could you?!?!?!" You run into the bathroom and cry. Angelica in there doing her makeup. "Kaitlyn what's wrong???" "I saw Colton kissing another girl!!!" "Ahhh Kaitlyn I'm sorry. See if you wouldof let drive you home and none of this would of happend. Not sayong its your fault." She hugs you and you walk out to your locker. You put your stuff away and go to health seeing Colton looking at you. Your still crying and you remember he's your partner. You stit next to Angelica. "Class today we will watch another movie." The movie starts and you get a text from....
  10. I will make part 5 probably right now:) rate? Comment?

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