Compressed Gas

There are many people working with dangerous materials but are they really qualified to handle them? Find out your skills on handling compressed gases!

OSHA requires that you complete monthly training on workplace topics. Here is your chance to show OSHA you are qualified to handle Compressed Gases.

Created by: ktice23

  1. Compressed gas industry safety information directs end users to ________ any cylinders received.
  2. Which of these is not a compressed gas cylinder types?
  3. Gas suppliers advise end users to:
  4. ________ attempt to repair or to alter cylinders, valves, or safety relief devices.
  5. Never handle a cylinder with a:
  6. Open cylinder valve _______. Point the valve opening away from yourself and other persons.
  7. How many feet are required to store cylinders from flammable or combustible materials?
  8. What should you use to test for flammable gas leaks?
  9. Personnel handling and using poison gases should have access to __________?
  10. Store cylinders:

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