Closer Together Part 9

Okay! this is part 9! Hope you like it! This part is alot of mystery. Lol oka so yea part 10 might be late. Anyway rate comment leve suggestions if u have any! okay bye and read on and enjoy and blah blah blah

rate comment leave suggestions, SHOUTOUT to rhimicha. Ok why do we need 2 paragraphs!? lol. i hope you like this. Go read Find The Wysteria by rhimicha :3 ok anyway read on thanks ok

Created by: stargazer5660

  1. He leaned in and kissed me, I was to suprised to do anything but before I could even think he pulled away. I could tell he was embarassed. Just then Matt showed up, I smiled shyly at Eric and then left with Matt. I wasn't looking forward to this, but in a way i missed Matt.
  2. *ERICS POV* I cant believe I kissed her. I sit in the library for a while longer daydreaming when i hear something at the window. I walk over and someone comes in. "Hello little brother." he said. It was Scourge. "Your not welcome here!" I snapped at him. He smirked, "I want something and you know what I want" he said. I glare at him, "You cant have her" I say. "Why?" he whispers. "Because you cant!" I snap at him. "BUT WHY" he say his voice slowly rising. And i yell "BECAUSE I LOVE HER"
  3. *MATTS POV* Skye sat on the floor and I sat in the bed. She was staring at the floor trying not to cry. I sigh and sit beside her. "Want me to tell you the story?" I ask. She takes a deep breath. "No" she says. "Wait what?" I ask shocked. "I said no. I want to find out on my own, im sorry Matt." she tells me. I give her a kiss and then she leaves. I get in bed and fall asleep
  4. *YOUR POV* When i get in my room i pull out the locket (from part 3 or 4). I had hidden it under my mattress and the locket apeared to be glowing. This was all to much. -I need some water- i thought. I wasn't thinking it to Garrett though, but something made me feel like i shouldn't have thought it at all. I went into the kitchen. Suddenly someone kissed me and whispered "im sorry" Then i blacked out.
  5. I wake up in a room. Obviously. Im not tied up though. Someone comes and i scoot back in a corner. "My name is Scourge, im Erics brother" He said. "What do you want!" I snapped at him. He smirks, " I see, your the kind of chick who has a attitude problem but when someone is NICE to you, you have a have a hard time letting the whole capturing thing go" he said, leaning against the wall. "Well duh! You captured me!" I shot back. "I didn't tie you up" he told me. "And i thank you for that but what difference does it make!" i say. I turn to look at him but he faces away before I can see him. I had ben facing the wall this whole time. "I should go" he says quietly. "Wait wheres eric, where, where's all my friends" I ask. I see his hand grip tighter around the doorknob as he answers "Find out for yourself" then he leaves
  6. *SCOURGES POV* I tried, i tried to be nice but I cant. There's fear. What will happen to me if I try to get out of this deal? I just want my family back, my brother back. I want my old life. I never wanted to capture Skye. Her dad told me to. If I tell her my story maybe she can help me, and I help her. But for now im trapped and i need to get out. But how?
  7. *YOUR POV* I hear something and look over. Another girl is in here facing the wall but away from me. "Hello?" i say softly. She turns around and we both gasp. She loks exactly like me. She smiles. "Sis, its been so long" she tells me. "What what do you mean?" I ask. Clearly im confused. "Dont you remember? We're sisters." she says.
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