Closer Together Part 7

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Created by: stargazer5660

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  1. I woke up in the morning, Zack was up but still laying beside me. I nudged him and he smiled at me. "Morning cutie" he said with a grin. "Why hello Prince Charming" I said back with a smile. Just then Jake walked in. "I umm... i... I ssomething going on between ya'll??"he stuttered. "Nah" Zack said, " Skylar just couldn't sleep, so I gave her some company" he lied. I smiled a little. "Yea okay." Jake said and rolled his eyes.Jake left the room. Zack grinned and kissed me, then he went to his room to get dressed. I smiled and got dressed.
  2. I put on short shorts, flip flops, and a cute black sparkly tank top. I went downstairs. I saw 1 of the guys sitting at the table. It looked like Jake. "Hey" I said gently. He turned around. Wait! It wasn't Jake, it was ERC!!
  3. "ERIC!?"I said a little shocked. He smiled. "So...." he said shyly. I looked at the ground, I felt shy for some reason. -Well this is awkward- i thought. I coulda sworn I heard Garrets voice say:'yup, WAIT WHAT!?'. I turned around. Garrett wasn't there... But i thought i heard him.. WHATS GOING ON!?
  4. Then I turned back to Eric, "you saved my life" I said shyly. He smiled a little. "Well they do call me Super Dude!"he said jokingly. "Seriously?Thats so lame lol"I said while laughing. "Ikr, ya they dont really call me that."he said laughing. Just then the guys came into the kitchen. "Well time we told our stories, and explained. EVERYTHING" Jake said
  5. Jake sat on one side of me and Garrett sat on the other side. I glanced at Matt, he looked...nervous. He's hardly EVER nervous! Eric cleared his throat. "well i should probably begin"he said. "First of all Skylar, your not a averge teenager. None of us are. And we're ALL in danger"he started. "What do you mean we're not AVERAGE!?"I said. "Listen, we all have some sort of power, we're all also on the good side. There's something special about you Skye, but only you can find out what... unless somone else does."he said glancing at the others. Matt looked even more nervous than ever. He quietly spoke up "Skye.. i need to tell you something"he said. I belived what Eric said, but suddenly i was scared. Matt glanced at me
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