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Clarice Bean is a fictional character written by award winning author Lauren Child (the creative genius behind Charlie and Lola), Clarice lives in a house with too many people, her mum and dad, and her two older siblings Marcie and Kurt and her irritating younger wriggly brother Minal Cricket, and occasionally Uncle Ted and Grandad. The answers to all the quiz questions can be found in the books.

There are two different kinds of readers; the interested and the obsessed, hopefully by the time you have completed this quiz you'll know which camp you fall into. Also I hope the quiz will inspire the interested to read a few more Clarice Bean books, and maybe even try some other works by Lauren Child, They really are excellent reading! Enjoy.

Created by: speekingtree of Clarice Bean Thats Me
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  1. In Clarice Bean Thats Me, what is Clarice after?
  2. In my Uncle is a Hunkle, What has Uncle Ted come round to do?
  3. What is the correct title of this Clarice Bean book?
  4. What type of hat is Clarice Bean wearing on the cover of My Uncle is a Hunkle?
  5. In Utterly Me, Clarice Bean who is Clarice's favourite author?
  6. What is the name of the latest Clarice Bean novel?
  7. What is Clarice Bean's School teacher called?
  8. In My Uncle is a Hunkle what is the name of the School Guinea Pig?
  9. In Clarice Bean Thats Me, Clarice doesn't have a watch so what does she do?
  10. In clarice Bean Spells Trouble, what is on Clarice Bean's hair slide?

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