Chould you date me?( GIRLS ONLY!!!)

Hey everybody. I really do feel lonely right now in my life. I really need somebody to share my troubles with. And my blessings. So thanks for takin this quiz!

Chould you date me? I dunno and neither do you! So take this quiz and figure out if you and me have go chemistry! So thanks for takin the quiz and let's see!

Created by: awesome89

  1. Hi my name is awesome89 if we ever ill tell you my REAL name. My skin tone has the same color a peanutbutter I have a afro and I usually were black clothes I'm 13 and in school senate I often get in trouble and is not the best in math. I like to draw to. I hate it whaen there are negative things goin on around me. If we hooked up I whould NEVER do anything to hurt you. I base relationships on trust to.
  2. Do you watch japanese cartoons a.k.a anime?
  3. Do you like to draw?
  4. I'm not rich and barely have enough money to live. Is that ok?
  5. Do you have a happy personalitie?
  6. The rest don't count.
  7. Ghjklhgdvv
  8. ........................
  9. So...
  10. You li ve in austin texaz? This counts

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