Does she like you?

There are 4 types of girls in this world. The 1st type or girls are the ones who like you and don't care if it shows because they probably never get rejected. The 2nd type are the shy girls that are trying hard for people not to notice they like you. They do it because they probably don't like to make a scene about all this "Dating Stuff" the 3rd type are the hard to get girls. And lastly are the I f---ING HATE YOU girls. They are mean to everyone, even the guys they like.

The girl you like might be one of these. That doesn't matter because they all have something in common:They like boys. Boys will like them back, it's a natural thing. But here's a quiz to find out if she REALLY likes you. I think this is fairly accurate because I am a girl and I used the answers based off on me, and other girls around me. ENJOY!

Created by: Lolwhat
  1. When you two talk she..
  2. Does she sometimes look at you when she says something?
  3. Does she always or mostly laugh at your jokes?
  4. Does she seem embarrassed by you? (tell the truth or you'll never know!)
  5. Are you the boy that she mostly talks to?
  6. Important: Do YOU like her?
  7. What would you think would happen if you were playing spin the bottle and you had to kiss her?
  8. So like.. (sorry for stalling)
  9. What would she do if you hugged her?
  10. Ready to see your results?

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