What type of girl are you?

There are so many girls in the world, and so many ways to describe each and every single one. There are so many types of girls that it's hard to count!

But I narrowed it down to six, and this 15-question quiz will tell you which of those six you are. I hope you like this quiz! See you at the end! :)

Created by: Female Knowledge Dudette
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  1. First off, which do you think you'll be?
  2. Which do you think you will especially NOT be?
  3. Which do you WANT to be?
  4. Which do you especially NOT want to be?
  5. Which could you most likely be found doing?
  6. What is a must-have in a boyfriend?
  7. What is a must-have in a movie?
  8. If you have five minutes to spare, which would you most likely be doing after getting ready for school?
  9. Do you wanna look hot when you're naked?
  10. Do you normally wear pants/shorts or skirts/dresses more often?
  11. Today was the night of your prom. Your crush is going to be there with another girl you dislike. You want to make your crush jealous, so what will you wear to prom?
  12. Which could you not live without?
  13. Last question! Which Harry Potter Hogwarts house do you want/think to be in?

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Quiz topic: What type of girl am I?