Chewy Pup's CP Quiz

This is a quiz about Club oenguin. It asks you questions about a Famous penguin name Chewy Pup. He is cool and would like to know what you knwo about him. So have fun and enjoy.

Hey I hope you pass this. It is quite simple and easy. I know some will do good and some will do poorly. If you do poorly I incourage you to try again. have fun and waddle on!!!

Created by: Chewypup of Club Penguin Cheats
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  1. What is my CP name?
  2. What are the 2 famous buddys Ive met?
  3. What is my site?
  4. What server do i mostly go on?
  5. What is my favorite CP place?
  6. Do i play cp often?
  7. Am i considered famous?
  8. What are some of my BEST cp buddy friends?
  9. Do I have any puffles?
  10. Well this is the last question. It may be easy it may be hard. What is my favorite color?

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