check your psycho pass

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now in few minutes you can check which type of psycho pass do you have ! is it changeable psycho pass ? or normal psycho pass ? or hopefully unchangeable ?

so whats your psycho pass ? taking this quiz will help you knowing which type of psycho pass do you have , so you can face your problems probably !! and be careful!

Created by: w97w
  1. you are having your dream job , everything seems great , but suddenly your manager want to replace you ! no reason ! ... the excuse " you are not good enough " what would you do ?
  2. you were on your way to college then ,a car splashed dirty water on your clothes :)
  3. you are in the bookstore , your sister\brother ask you to bought her\him a certain book they need it for the reading club tonight but unfortunately all the copies have been sold ...
  4. how many enemy do you have ?
  5. saying the truth will hurt someone's feelings ... somehow you need to say it .. so ?
  6. you're in queue , an old man wants to take your turn !(he had a grandchild with him 15 y.o) what would you say ?
  7. you heard some news about a killer .. the first thing coming in your mind ?
  8. Does the weather affect you ØŸ
  9. your scores in school usually !
  10. what do you prefer in stories endings ?

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