Carping, hobby or obsession?

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Carp fishing can be a hobby or an obsession. It can easily take over your life. Are you a blanker, a bankside camper, a breamer, or a dreamer. Take this quick quiz to find out.

Do you bore people at parties, read every bit of angling literature you can get your eyes on and watch every fishing program on TV? Even the Rex Hunt re-runs that you've seen 100 times?

Created by: Chris

  1. How often do you go Carp fishing?
  2. What do you do when you're not fishing for Carp?
  3. Name your favourite fish...
  4. Who is your fishing idol?
  5. What's the top thing on your Christmas list?
  6. What kind of shelter do you use?
  7. Where did you / would you go on your honeymoon?
  8. How many rods do you own?
  9. If you could choose just one bait for the season what would it be?
  10. If you were choosing your first / next tattoo what would it be?

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