What hobby is right for you?

there are many hobbies in the world, and it is harf to think of the right one for you. You could think youre into one thing, but really could be great at a whole different hobby entirely!

what is the right hobby for you? do you know what you;re interested in, maybe you should take this quiz in a few short questions...10, or 11 not sure...you will be one step closer to the perfect hobby!!

Created by: Kraatt
  1. Wat do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
  2. What cubs are you involved in at school (or hwat would you be in if you had the choice?)
  3. if you had to do a school project, fiction, non fiction, anything, what would you do.
  4. when do you feel more at ease
  5. how do you deal with stress/saddness/anger?
  6. when you are sitting at home what do you most likely think about
  7. if you were with your friends what would you be doing?
  8. what would you do at the theater?
  9. whta do you do at sports games/rallies/ext?
  10. Finally, what bugged you most about this quiz

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