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  • Most blatantly ignorant thing I've seen in a long time that's not on Fox News. So let me get this straight: I think FDR was a good president for having the cojones to conquer horrific fascist regimes (and save the FREE world to boot) and now I'm a commie pinko Russian? Wow. Keep your aluminum hat on to filter out the telepathic liberal waves being beamed into your tiny reptile brain from anus-probing aliens coming from Galaxy Wacko. Good luck with learning to have meaningful conversations with your fellow countrymen and actually creating positive solutions to all the crap that's going on around us. BTW, I'll tell Hugo Chavez you said hello--I have a direct hotline to his prison in Hell; he's looking forward to seeing you very soon.

  • The creator of this quiz obviously knows little of the economic systems of the world. I have decided that the far right's definition of socialism is "any activity by an organized government." What we are also quickly learning is that capitalism is slowly being eaten by its son technology. We are soon going to learn there is almost nothing humans can do that AI and technology cannot do faster, better and cheaper. Perhaps, we need a system where people control the direction of capital with the goal of creating employee owned firms, worker cooperatives and local economic development entities which coordinate those activities.

  • Dumb quiz. The former Soviet Union and Venezuela are NOT the only examples of socialism. Most of Western Europe is socialist, and in many ways those countries are more free than the US. In fact, even the US is partly socialist as nearly all working economies are MIXED. The only time we came close to having pure capitalism was in the days of robber barons and legal child labor and we all know what that led to - The Great Depression! And deregulation of the banking industry led to the US's current economic recession. Maybe instead of reading that second-rate novelist Ayn Rand, you should read about a real economist, Keynes.

  • You have no idea what Socialism is. There has never been a true Socialist country in the world. The Soviet Union used the term "Socialist" in its name to attract people to vote their candidates into office, and then established a true fascist society. The closest thing to a Socialist country the world has ever seen would be certain European countries in recent years. Also, Socialism and Communism are in no way similar. Look up the Socialist Party USA's website and read their platform. I'm willing to bet you would call yourself a Socialist after that.

  • Probably the lamest "Capitalist/Sociali st" quiz around, and transparently biased from the outset. Glaringly missing are attitudes about CEO compensation, corporate greed, corporate profits, entities that are "only in it for the money" (basically, the very core reason behind capitalism), actual wealth distribution today v 20+ years ago, benefits of socialized police and fire protection, public works spending, public debt, government borrowing, and discretionary spending v "entitlement" spending.

  • America was founded on capitalism. If there wouldn't be so mnay dumb anti-capitalists (liberals, socialists, etc.), then America could actually make a profit instead of being loaded with national debt that we will probably never even come close to paying off! But noooo, profit is dumb. Liberals that are too dumb to tell that I was impersonating them, never mind. You'll never get it, anyway...

    Total Ponage
  • Nice to know that they actually put a single red line at the beginning of the scale which really indicates that I am 1% capitalist after all!

    I never realized that "russia" wasn't capitalized but that "Venezuala" [sic] needs to be regardless of however it is really spelled--who knew?

    And it's nice to also find out that we can "fair" through history so I can get my deep-fried Twinkies, smoked turkey legs and funnel cakes when I travel back in time to the Bolshevik revolution!

    Glad to know that this f---nut was willing and earnest enough to oblige us in fulfilling his allotted 100-word manifesto quota to "lay some more insults down." A true patriot. What a treat. (I can only hope and aspire to soaking in the 1/10th that he recommends; pray for me to make it so.) Sounds like he should run for office in the Great Republic of Rick Perry.

    And the invoking of the sacrosanct name of the blessed St. Ayn is gravy and frosting on the top at the same time. (Yum!)

    What kind of sad life would you have to create a web site that exists solely to uselessly bloviate at those who don't share your opinion. (Queue George Takei: [no urls]?v=6nSKkwzwdW4 )

  • I promote a form of market socialism in which enterprises are owned and managed cooperatively by the workers so that the profits directly remunerate the employee-owners. These cooperative enterprises would compete with each other in the same way private companies compete in a capitalist market.

  • I am 0% Capitalist. So, good quiz in that respect. Ignorant commentary at the end (and your inability to veil your own opinions until the end, as you said you would) combined to earn you only one star from me. Good try!

  • This is biased as hell. Just because I consider myself a social democrat somehow means I’m a lazy commie liberal? That’s not unbiased.

    The vertman
  • I'm democratic-socialis t not communist. You need to do some more research. I'm completely against with communism. SOCIALISM AND COMMUNISM ARE TOTALLY DIFFERENT!

    Jada Feiri
  • 0% capitalist, but 100% decent human being because of it.

  • "not biased" wow this sucks

  • 0%. I'm no Marxist-Leninist and I f hate Chávez. I'm just a social democrat


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