Can your Grandma beat up my Grandma?

Did you ever wonder how your Grandma would hold up in a fight? Here's your chance to find out. Do you think she could last 10 rounds with my Grandma? Find out now.

This quiz will ask you some questions about your Grandma's capabilities. At the end of the test it will tell you which one of our respective Grandmas would be able to take the other one.

Created by: Jared
  1. Can your Grandma get out of bed by herself?
  2. Does your Grandma mow her own lawn?
  3. Does your Grandama clean her own house?
  4. Does your Grandma travel?
  5. Does your Grandma walk around with a cane?
  6. Does she use the cane as a weapon?
  7. Does your Grandma sew?
  8. Does your Grandma need glasses?
  9. What does your Grandma drive?
  10. If your Grandma were an extra in a movie, what movie would it be?

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Quiz topic: Can Ir Grandma beat up my Grandma?