Can you trust me???

Many people are trustworthy, but many people aren't trustworthy as well. Someone trustworthy is someone kind and not willing to share secrets. Then there are people who are trusting, who can trust people easily.

Are YOU trusting? how trusting are you? Can you walk up to just anyone and tell them your deepest, darkest secrets? Or do you walk away thinking if you tell them anything they know to much? take this quiz to see how trusting you are!

Created by: buddluver270

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  1. OK the point of this quiz is to see how trustworthy and trusting of others you are.
  2. OK the point of this quiz is to see how trustworthy and trusting of others you are.
  3. You see someone watch you as you walk down the street. They start to walk toward you, with their hand in their pocket. What do you do?
  4. You decide to walk up and see what they want. When you get close enough, they punch you and knock you out. When you wake up, your hands are bound behind your back, and your legs are bound as well. You look around and realize you are in a trunk of a car.
  5. You end up passing out again (somehow) and when you wake up, you are tied to a chair and you hear noises behind you but can't turn around. by the way there are shards of glass all around you.
  6. The noise finally stops and when you feel more relaxed, you hear a loud rumbling. It sounds like a chainsaw!!!!
  7. Ok, story over. now, questions that are almost on every quiz!
  8. Favorite color?
  9. how much do you trust me?
  10. Hiw trusting do you think you are?

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Quiz topic: Can I trust me???