Can You Survive A Wolves' Life?

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This Is A Quiz That I Made To Show Your Personality. This Is Just A Small Fun Quiz, So Don't Get Upset With Your Score! Merry Christmas, And Happy New Year! Oh, And You Are A Greyish Brown Wolf (The Wolf In The Picture, That's You)

There Is No Right Or Wrong Answers. Mkay, Hope You Enjoy The Quiz! I Really Hope Yu Live A Long, Good Life! I Odviosly Know The Answers. Friend Me On Roblox : Username: AllDogsRule16

Created by: Arii

  1. You Are Starting Out, Opening Your Eyes. You See You Have Two Sisters. What Do You Do?
  2. You Are Now 8 Months Old. You Are Starving, But Your Sister Is 10 Months Old, And She Is Hungry Aswell. But You Only See 1 Rabbit. Do You Hunt For Her?
  3. You Are Now 2 Years Old And You Are A Loner. A Friend And A Sister Of Yours Came Aswell. A Female Wolf From A Pack Is Intrested In You. Her Alpha Won't Allow Her To Leave. What Do You Do?
  4. You Joined The Pack. You Have A Mate (The Female Wolf). Her Name Is Sky. Your Friends Are Out Hunting. Your Mate Tells She Will Have Pups. What Do You Do?
  5. You And Your Mate Have 2 Pups. Brown And Black Spotted, And A Pure White Wolf. (Sky Is A White Wolf) Sky Goes To Hunt, But Is Attacked And Killed By A Bear. What Do You Do?
  6. Your Friend Tells That He Has A Disease. 2 Weeks Later, He Dies. Your Sister Joins A Pack, And Your Pups Have Grown Up And Left You. What To You Do?
  7. You Have Joined A Pack. Your Alpha Was Captured By Humans, And Turned Into A Working/Slave Dog. You Go After Him. Humans Put A Collar On You, And Drag You Into A Cage. What Do You Do?
  8. You Escaped. You Are Old Now. There Is A Fire At Your Territory, But You Are Too Weak To Move. A Wolf Tries To Rescue You, But The Alpha Demanded Not. The Fire Is Close. You A Close To Death. What Will You Do?
  9. You Made It Out. Your Pack Hunts For You. You Have Gotten Weak. There Is A Pack Planning Attacks on the pack. What Will You Do?
  10. You Start To Let Go, Letting Heaven Control You. You Are In Pain. You See Spirits Of Your Pups I Heaven, Aswell As Everyone In Your Family. Sky Bends Down And Helps You Up. You're Free! In Heaven! What Will You Say?

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Quiz topic: Can I Survive A Wolves' Life?