Can you survive a day in Resident Evil?

My quiz is about the movie Resident Evil. All of you that have sean the movie have a slight advantage in this quiz over people that haven't seen it, this quiz will help you prepare mentaly (If you answer honestly) for a zombie invasion. Just in case of the unlikely event of a real zombie invasion, I wish you all good luck.

It says I need 2 paragrphs but i got nothing else to say about the quiz so instead, some jokes, A man walks into a bar...and says.....ow If you don't pay your exersist, do you get reposesed?

Created by: The Evil Angel

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  1. You are outside when the zombies come for you (Resident Evil is a zombie movie) what do you do?
  2. You have put together a group of survivors and are on you're way to a safe house in you're awsome school bus that has been modified to plow through zombies whene you see a massive flock of rabid zombie crows.
  3. A zombie comes at you're base, apon farther examination it apears to be a woman, and she is still alive.
  4. When the girl gets to your base, she asks to speak with your leader, and says that her name is Alice.
  5. A hoard of zombies get into your base, Alice says she will handle it.
  6. You are traveling with your group, and Alice, in the middle of a desert, whene you come across a storage container.
  7. Same situation as in the last question, but now your out of gas, so you cant just drive by.
  8. Alice tells you that she is genetically engineered to fight the zombies, that ironicly started as a weapon of war made by the company that made her.
  9. Have you ever seen Resident Evil?
  10. Do you want or even care about your results?

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Quiz topic: Can I survive a day in Resident Evil?