Can you relate?

This test will determine if you are normal or if people actual relates to you hope you enjoy guys!!! Love yall write in the comments more I should do!!!

Can you relate to us? You need to see if you can relate to humans on the regulr basic hope you enjoy it.tell me if you enjoyed or not I want to make yall happy

Created by: Penny

  1. Trying to see how long you can close your bedroom door before your parents notice the mess.
  2. Laying in bed in the middle of the night because you don't wanna get up and go to the bathroom.
  3. Your parents walk past you right at the weird part of your video only you get..
  4. Faring in class then look around to see if anyone notices then hope nobody smells
  5. Try to close the fridge as much as possible without actually closing it to see the light go out.
  6. Close the kitchen drawers with the pelvis.
  7. Absent for one day......Your teacher has twins and Donald Trump died.
  8. *Looks in the mirror at home* Perfect *Looks in the mirror t school* ARE MY PORES ORANGE?!?!
  9. *Parents:(Calls name) *Me: Yeah?* *Parents: ….* *Me: Ugh!*
  10. Forgets persons name so just sticks to the handy dandy "Hey dude"

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Quiz topic: Can I relate?