can you make it as my boyfriend/girlfiend (im bi)

I'm very very single and I'm having trouble finding someone so I made this quiz so people can take it and I can either see what type of people I should go for and who knows maybe I'll meet someone

I did not make this quiz for sex or for people to make fun of me I just really need to find out whats wrong so please take this quiz and help me out who knows maybe we'll hook up.

Created by: Synette

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you have abs
  2. Do you have nice boobs
  3. Do you like to help people
  4. Are you relgious
  5. Are you a virgin
  6. Are you skinny/average/athletic
  7. Would people say your nice and respectful
  8. What clique are you in, in highschool be honest
  9. If we dated how often would we have to talk
  10. Ok last question don't forget to comment and talk to me how would you descride your physical appearance

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Quiz topic: Can I make it as my boyfriend/girlfiend (im bi)