Can You Keep My Secrets..

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Can You Keep My Secrets ..This is something I need to get off my chest I been keeping this for awhile cx just please don't be judgemental cx thanks for listening xD also if you have something to tell me you can make a requiz that says " RespondsToEmmette" and i know i will read it cx

if you want to share your secret or story just say" Response To Emmette" I will read and post a comment for you cx I promise cx and i keep promises trust me xD

Created by: EmmetteSmith

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  1. I will tell you something i never told anyone else before I wouldnt care if I tell it here since you don't know me in real life ;)
  2. . Well here I go cx 3. Hi my name is Emmette as you can tell from my username but thats not my last name cx and I wont tell you that cx
  3. I have Dark Blonde Hair And Brown Eyes and well my age I wont tell you that cx.
  4. Theres these secret that I kept with me and been living with me for awhile now Im not sure if I should tell you but I will cx
  5. Every Since that day my older brother who I use to count on for everything had did something bad.. And if I didnt stop him well his girlfriend would have been in the hospital because she cheated on him with the dude on the football team
  6. He had ran away somewhere and I havent talk to him for a while but im a baby child so I have 3 older sibblings left over
  7. I had nightmares of what he tried to do and I kept this inside of me and I havent told anyone ._. Not even my mother [my 1 secret]
  8. I havent told anyone about my food problem either food kinda scares me ._. When ever I try to eat it wouldnt work for me And I would force it down becayse I know I need to eat but I couldnt I dont know whats thats called becasue I dont throw up or force my self not to eat.. I dont know what that is.. I havent told anyone this not even my girlfriend or closes friend ._.
  9. But my biggest secret is that ..when I was little my dad bestfriend and I use to play football ._. he ..Use to touch me in places I didnt like to be touch he always call it football tackle or two hand touch I thought it was alway like football ._. But as I started getting older I use to come back to this and realize it wasnt like football ._. I use to blame myself
  10. But I know it wasnt my fault happens alot to people I dont know but I wasnt happy about that I havent told anyone this well now you knw
  11. Now that you know some of my secrets I dont mind sharing because some people are alone at this and well I'm alway here to help :)
  12. Now That You Know.. Can You Keep My Secrets?

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Quiz topic: Can I Keep My Secrets..