Can you dig my song style

sarcastically pleasurable hurtle and happiness made by mb123 ! $ayonara suckers!you can not beat me for Nikki Manaj !you can't deface,defeat or beat. me

despite my hurtful message in paragraph one and I am solely sorry.basically I'll take a chance to commit myself.and I will write a comment about a video that I saw from wassabi productions on youtube!

Created by: mb123

  1. is my friend addicted to Beyonce?(me: pff... easy!
  2. what is my song by kesha
  3. do i luv lil Wayne?
  4. pass this!in a second you'll be wrapped around my finger cause i can cause i can do ___ better!
  5. because ____ I'm torn and I'm selling my soul
  6. when we're up in the club it's easy to see that we've got style in our ____ and fashions what we breathe
  7. we're made in ____
  8. give your heart a _____
  9. gonna have a heart _____
  10. something to _____ for

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Quiz topic: Can I dig my song style