What 80's song are you?

The 80's were a special decade, famous for style, fashion, and most of all, music. Ah, yes, 80's music is the life!

But we may be wondering, "If I were an 80's song, which would I be?" Well, thanks to me, now you can finally find out! Yay!!! Just take this simple quiz, and your destiny shall be revealed! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

Created by: Lilli
  1. Are you emotionally grounded?
  2. Do you like music?
  3. Do you trust new people in your environment?
  4. Do you like who you are?
  5. If you answered, "No, my inner critic hates me" to the last question, then what about yourself do you not like?
  6. Can you take criticism lightly?
  7. Are you social or anti-social?
  8. Are you jealous of anyone?
  9. (These questions will not affect your score.) Did you like this quiz?
  10. Should I make more?

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Quiz topic: What 80's song am I?