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  • Fine.

    peacockfeather13 Dec 21 '14, 2:04PM
  • Only if you make me a quiz to get a boyfriend. Ok. Then I'll stop using your accout.

    peacockfeather13 Dec 21 '14, 2:03PM
  • Mai!!' Stop using my GTQ account!!!!

    peacockfeather13 Dec 21 '14, 2:02PM
  • By the way I love you and I'm really sweet and love to be you girlfriend. I'm 12 by the way. *kiss*

    peacockfeather13 Nov 28 '14, 6:02PM
  • Got 100%!!!!!! *kiss* email me at bluebutterfly 1349 @ yahoo. com
    Just take out the spaces in between and I can talk to you! *kiss a million times*

    peacockfeather13 Nov 27 '14, 6:20PM
  • 100% hell yeah!!!!! He'd date me. Yay! Email me [no emails] *kiss*

    peacockfeather13 Nov 27 '14, 6:16PM
  • Lol 82% hell yeah. I'm 14 gonna be 15 and is in high school, but I live in the south. Xd

    Orchid99 Jul 25 '14, 11:54PM
  • 92% im 12 lol haha this is odd....... yup love dirty blondes

    PartyLoveGirl22 Apr 29 '14, 9:21PM
  • Every comment I've read so far said hell yeah.... Hmmmmm....

    Immadog Feb 18 '13, 3:09PM
  • I got hell yeah, and I'm 14...almost 15, but I don't think I'd date a 13 year old though. I'm in High School soo yeah...

    roseybrunnette Aug 5 '12, 3:34PM
  • I got hell me at westsiiide14 @
    i would love to go snow boarding.

    supamodel Mar 12 '12, 3:53PM
  • oh and I am 12

    alicethewich Oct 9 '11, 1:45PM
  • oh and I am 12

    alicethewich Oct 9 '11, 1:41PM
  • hell to the YAH

    alicethewich Oct 9 '11, 1:40PM
  • i got hell ya and im 12. PS:i did this quiz for fun but you can follow me on twiiter @rebeccahayesx

    Girl From London Aug 10 '11, 4:23PM
  • I got a hell yea b----es just kidding im 12 and how old are you?

    blackangel Jul 29 '11, 6:38PM
  • Lol I got hell yahh!!! I'm just a beast like that, SKATE OR DIE IS THE MOTO TO LIVE BY! 100% Punk attitude coming from me 'cause that's what I am....and I'm 13 lol I feel special :):):)

    DropDeadPunk Sep 2 '09, 4:19PM
  • u must b stupid. trying 2 get a girl friend on a quiz

    yoruichi Nov 24 '08, 7:02PM
  • i got hell yah

    yoruichi Nov 22 '08, 10:42PM
  • i got hell yah

    yoruichi Nov 22 '08, 10:41PM
  • Im 16teen and live in huntington

    yoruichi Nov 22 '08, 10:39PM
  • Im 13 and I admit it is a wierd way to find a gf, but I thought that I would try it and look how many girls got hell yah. =) O ya my email is Ilovesnowboarding88

    ilovesnowboarding88 Aug 18 '08, 1:55PM

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