Can You Be Tricked?

This is a simple test to see if you can be tricked. I have some brain teasers in here, so take the quiz! Let's see if I can trick you or not. I hoping I can. -ShadowBlade

Do you think you can't be tricked? Take this test and find out! Let me know if I did on this, and don't get frustrated with it. It's just a test. It's just something to do when you're bored. -ShadowBlade

Created by: ShadowBlade

  1. Me: What has a head and a tail, but no body?
  2. Your power went out during bad weather, and you have to go onto the roof for some reason. You have 3 options. You can go through the RED DOOR, and you'll be burned to death. You can go through the ORANGE DOOR, and you'll be electrocuted to death. Or you can go through the BLACK DOOR, and you'll be drowned to death. What door would you like to go through?
  3. A plane crashes and kills every single person. Yet, a couple survived the crash. How?
  4. 3 fat ladies stood under a small umbrella. How come they didn't get wet?
  5. A man works as a butcher. He's 5 feet and 11 inches. What does he weigh?
  6. Mike helps make movies. He is very rich, and he earns 300 dollars a day. He has a wife named Mary, a 7 year old son named Matt, and a cat named Sparkles. He used to have a daughter, but she died after naming the cat. He was very sad, but had another child to make up for his loss. Matt is a straight A student, and all of the other kids envy him. Matt likes a girl, and the girl likes him back. Time goes on, and Matt and the girl get married at age 20. They have 2 daughters. One's named Rebbecca and the other is named Kate. Matt's father still works at his job, and he still makes the same amount of money every day. How much money does Josh make in a day?
  7. Jack's mom had 4 children. They were named April, May, and June. What was the fourth child's name?
  8. What has four legs and can't walk?
  9. What takes orders and never gives one back?
  10. I have no heart and I'm alive. What am I?
  11. Thanks for taking my quiz! I hope you liked it, and please comment. Also check out my other quiz, it's called "What Creature Are You?" It's created by ShadowBlade (me). Final Question- What's black and white, and read all over?

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