Can You Be A Hero?

There Are Heroes And There Are Survivalist. One Is Selfless The Other Is Selfish, One Is Fearless, The Other Lives In Fear. Can Anyone Really Be A Hero?

Do You Think You Have The Capacity To Be A Hero Or Are You Like Everyone Else Just Surviving And Living A selfish And Fear Filled Life. Take The Quiz And Find Out.

Created by: WorldPudding
  1. The Who Guy Stole Your Girl Is About To Get Pummeled By A Gang, And You Have The Capacity To Save Him. What Will You Do?
  2. You Are Caught In A Bank Robbery, And Have The Capacity To Stop The Robber Either With Lethal Force Or Non Lethal Force. What Will You Do?
  3. Someone Whose Not Your Kid Is Being Held Hostage. Will You Put Yourself Up As An Hostage To Redeem The Child's Life?
  4. You Are Given An Order To Kill Civilians In Order To Protect Your Wife Who Unbeknown To You Has Been Cheating Behind Your Back. What Will You Do?
  5. Your In A Plane Which Is About To Crash, You Will Survive If You Let Someone Else Die? Will You Do It?
  6. Your At War And All Your Men Are Dead, Cept One Fella Whose Crippled. If You Save Him You Die As Your Bleeding Profusely, But If You Let Him Be And Make An Escape, You Can Be Saved In Time. What Will You Do?
  7. Your Wife Has Been Murdered, When You Find The Murderer, Do You Kill Him For Justice Or Vengeance?
  8. Are You For Justice Or Are You For Mercy? You Serve Justice And Kill A Man And Save Countless Lives Or You Can Show Mercy Jail That Man And Upon His Release He Takes Countless Lives.
  9. Fear Is A Path To Either Courage Or Cowardice. So You Feel Fear Grip You In Your Last Moments. You Use That Fear To Fight Courageously And Perish And Those Around You Live And Your Nemesis Falls With You Or You Give In To Fear And Run, You Are Safe For The Rest Of Your Live But Everyone You Knew Is dead, And Your Nemesis Reign Supreme.
  10. Be Honest With Yourself, Do You Have The Capacity To Help Others And Throw Your Life Away, Or Are You Human And Have Yet To Realise Your Weakness
  11. Did You Enjoy This Quiz?

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