Can We Switch Places?

Are you bored with your life and you want to feel someone else's life? Do you want to switch places with someone half way across the globe? Do you want to switch places with ME?

This quiz will help you find out our chance of success if we switch places. It consists some questions that'll help us out. Just take it and you'll see, are we meant to switch places?

Created by: nameless guy
  1. What is your hair color? (natural)
  2. Skin color?
  3. Eyes?
  4. Okay, enough for physical questions. It's time for your personality!
  5. You consider yourself...
  6. Do you like to be in the middle of crowds?
  7. Do/did you like P.E.?
  8. What is your opinion about Loki? (Marvel's)
  9. What is/was your favorite subject?
  10. Are you lazy?
  11. Hobby?
  12. Have you ever done any.... french kiss(es)?
  13. Arrange these jumbled letters! E-S-R-Q-G-U-E-T-O Do you know what's the meaning of that word? Can you even arrange it correctly?
  14. Do you easily bored?
  15. Pick your fav!
  16. Friends...???
  17. If you could be any of these animals, which one would you pick?
  18. I'm sorry for this stupid question. Do you like chinese food?
  19. Fav?
  20. Fav genre?
  21. In what continent do you want to live?
  22. Do you believe in duality?
  23. Last question! You like to watch...

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